Minutes Jan 17 2017

Committee Reports

Decorations – Meeting on Friday 1/20/17

Donations – Sherry – 1000 letters sent out in November. Sherry asked for help with follow-up calls.

Donation contact lists were distributed and volunteers will start making follow up calls to all but food – food committee will call restaurants, grocery stores, etc. Please contact Sherry if you receive any donations. Sherry Kosena – 461-5876, [email protected] **Please call the contacts on your lists by Feb. meeting

Prizes – Sharon – car vs. no car – In the past the car has been an expense to the winner (insurance, maintenance). Discussed giving tires, oil changes, tune-ups and there were volunteers who will contact Point S and Kolar Tires.

Food – Had a discussion about food trucks and coffee trucks. Shannon will check with Civic Center to make sure they are ok with it. Food committee met and divided up list of restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, etc. to request donations. We will meet again 2/7/17.

Photo Wall – Charmaine reported she will start requesting pictures in March. She will have a drop box at each office for people to drop off pictures or mail to the P.O. Box. One baby picture and one senior picture no larger than 4×6.

Tickets – still waiting for PayPal account before can start selling tickets?

Games – will be meeting soon. Stacy wants to get a quick inventory of what is in the storage unit to know what is available. She will coordinate with others to make a trip to the storage unit.

Waiver – we discussed how to collect waivers…part of ticket sales?

In the past, SANP has started at 7:00pm and everyone needs to be checked in no later than 8:30pm.

Sharon will schedule a walk through with the Civic Center. Tentatively looking at February 7th.

Next meeting will be February 21st in CHS Cafeteria.

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